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Saturday, October 1, 2011

NES Cartridge Art Giveaway- 2 Different Cartridge Designs Up for Grabs!


So far everyone seems to have specified which cart they prefer first and followed the other rules. Thanks for reading, folks, and hopefully with everyone's interest and help I can convince 72pins' team to donate carts in the future.

However, just thought of this: let's hit some milestones. I'm currently at about 150 entries. Let's hit 250 by Wednesday and I'll include a super secret related prize with each cart. If we hit more than 250, I'll have to come up with something even better than what I'm planning. I dare ya to make me spend more money, People!

/I'm going to regret this so much

D'oh! Seems like I forgot to include the tumblr and twitter entries for 72Pins! That puts us at around 300 entries already. I'm going to have to raise the bar to 375 because we need solid goals!


Hello, everyone. I have one of each design pictured above from the awesome 72Pins.com (1 Shadow of the Colossus NES, 1 Halo NES).  These cartridge designs are almost entirely for display purposes only, as the games underneath them are not changed to be based on the games of the same name, so please be aware of that. Here's how to enter (You can get multiple entries by doing more than one listed method). Please post your order of preference if you happen to win as well. :)

Contest ends: 10/7/2011 at 12:30 PM 

 Method 1- post a comment on this blog post/forum thread- with a way to contact you (email/ CAG username/ the Kartel Username)

Method 2- Send me a tip for an article to write about or a cool picture or something awesome at thedeathofnormailty@gmail.com

Method 3- Follow this blog (The Death of Normailty) with your Google Account on the right hand side or follow http://blog.72pins.com/ with your Tumblr account on the top right.

Method 4- Like us on Facebook here:

Method 5- Follow either twitter account @ ObsidianSpy or @72Pins and/or mention our usernames in conjunction with this giveaway -

Method 6 & 7- Post this giveaway on another forum or website to help spread the word. Please include a link to where you posted this giveaway in your entry post or email. You can do this entry method twice if you have two sites you'd like to share it on.

Method 8- Donate any amount you'd like through the Paypal bar on the right hand side. I will give one additional entry to the donor for their first donation above 10 cents. :)

Good luck and may the best 2 people win.

From the 72Pins' Team
And myself, TheDeathofNormailty owner, Randomdud also known as Obsidian Spire


  1. Very impressive Halo NES cartridge! By far the best one i've seen someone do.

    I'll be sure to follow you on Twitter and like you on Facebook!

    Should I happen to win, i'd love to get my hands on the Halo Cartridge! my e-mail is: onyxmagepk@aol.com

    Take Care!

  2. Awesome cartridges. My order of preference is SotC and then Halo. Thanks for the contest!

    I followed both Twitter accounts as @Gram_Cracker and tweeted about the contest.
    I also liked the facebook page as Grant Lilleston.
    I also followed the blog as Grant L.
    In addition, I donated as gramcanyon@yahoo.com through paypal.
    I posted the giveaway on a few social pages: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=207736345958901&id=100000018304564 & https://plus.google.com/109485455129258278774/posts/a7R8zMFbQWU#109485455129258278774/posts/a7R8zMFbQWU
    Plus, I sent you a picture!

    Hope I win!
    Contact me through the email or twitter I listed above. Thanks!

  3. Wow I love the retro look and being applied to actual cartridges makes it even better. I like to own those. My preference is SotC first and then Halo. You can contact me at finite_epiphany@hotmail.com

    I'm also following you as Atavan Halen on my google account, with Twitter as AtavanH and like you on Facebook as Atavan Halen.